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Ung D2L- Philippine Non-Profit Organization


A non-profit organization based in the Philippines called Ung D2L also known as “Unang Hakbang sa Digital Learning” offers free online learning materials to Filipino students. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent school closings in the Philippines the organization was established in 2019. This article will examine Ung D2L’s past, present and potential in relation to the Philippine educational system.

Background of Ung D2L

During the COVID-19 pandemic a group of educators and volunteers saw a need for alternative learning resources and established Ung D2L. A small group of volunteers who created and curated online learning resources for students in the Philippines formed the foundation of the organization. Ung D2L has developed into a sizable community of educators learners and volunteers who are dedicated to giving everyone access to free online education.

Ung D2L courses

Students can choose from a variety of courses that are offered on Ung D2L as was already mentioned. Take the disciplines of psychology, web design and social media marketing as examples. The platform makes sure that there are lots of courses available so that as many students as possible can access them.

Effect on the Education System

Significant changes have been made to the Philippine educational system as a result of Ung D2L. Millions of students who were impacted by school closures due to the pandemic received free access to online learning resources from the organization. Despite the difficulties the pandemic presented this has allowed students to continue their education and stay on track with their studies.

Ung D2L has also contributed to closing the digital divide in the Philippines by giving students who might not have otherwise had access to online learning materials access to them. This has contributed to ensuring that students from all backgrounds regardless of their socioeconomic status have access to high-quality education.

The Advantages of Using Ung D2L

These are the advantages of using this website for online learning:

  • Having access to a lot of courses
  • You can pick up knowledge at your own pace.
  • Students can easily rewind a course.
  • The platform is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • The site is accessible round-the-clock.

Future Objectives of NG D2L

Ung D2L has high expectations for the future. Even after the pandemic has passed, the organization wants to keep giving students in the Philippines free and open access to online learning resources. They also want to reach out to other Southeast Asian nations where access to high-quality education is scarce.

Supporting Ung D2L

There are many ways to assist Ung D2L in achieving its goal of offering everyone free and open access to online education. One way is to make a donation to the group which will assist in funding the creation of fresh online learning materials and support group operations. Another option is to donate your time and talents whether it be through the development of online learning resources or assistance with outreach initiatives on behalf of the organization.


The education system in the Philippines has been significantly impacted by Ung D2L a nonprofit organization. The organization has contributed to ensuring that all students regardless of background or socioeconomic status have access to high-quality education by making free and easily accessible online learning resources available to millions of students. It will be fascinating to watch the positive effects the organization has on the educational system in the Philippines and elsewhere as it develops and broadens its reach.

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