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Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love


The well-known action roguelite Soulstone Survivors recently received a new content patch from Game Smithing Limited. The Ritual of Love challenge is currently running through February 26th and requires completion in order to unlock the new seasonal skills added by the Omen of Spring Update.

Gameplay of Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

The game Soulstone Survivors has a brand-new thrilling challenge called the Ritual of Love. In order to complete the challenge it offers players the chance to pick up new seasonal skills by completing a one-of-a-kind task.

To start the challenge players must travel to Whispering Grove and obliterate a heart that is located at the bottom left of their spawn location. A challenge-related offer will be made to the players by Cupid after the heart has been broken.

Players must defeat all eight of Camor’s Pylons in a single match in order to complete the challenge. The playing field is covered with Pylons which are heart-painted constructions that resemble totem poles. The Pylons can only be eliminated if players allow Cupid to use his arrows to shoot them at them.

How to Complete the Ritual of Love

It’s not particularly difficult to complete Soulstone Survivors’ new Ritual of Love challenge. A heart is located to the left of your spawn point in Whispering Grove where you must travel. It can be destroyed to release Cupid. All that is needed to win a game is to eliminate eight Camor’s Pylons. This will be accomplished by allowing Cupid to shoot his arrows at the Pylons. You cannot miss the Pylons because they resemble totems with hearts on them. You can actually complete all three achievements at once by simply completing the challenge on Curse Intensity 34 because there are three different achievements.

Runes In Soulstone Survivors

In Soulstone Survivors players can acquire runes and powerful artifacts that can be used in a variety of ways to their advantage. Runes can be obtained by beating bosses finishing tasks successfully or buying them from a variety of merchants.

The game’s runes are divided into three distinct categories known as main, secondary and tertiary. The benefits offered by tertiary runes are the least powerful while those offered by primary runes are more potent. A player may equip a maximum of three runes at once one of each type.

The use of primary runes bestows a number of benefits such as increased damage improved critical hit probability and increased movement speed. The benefits of secondary runes include an increase in health a boost to defence and a shortening of the time required for abilities to cool down. Tertiary runes offer a number of benefits such as an increase in the amount of gold that drops and an increase in the rarity of the item.

Soulstone Survivors Under 10 Minutes

The first seasonal skill that players have the chance to acquire is called Heartbreak Orbs. This talent launches three orbs that move in a curved path when it is activated dealing 80 damage right away and inflicting bleed on any enemies they hit. The bleeding status effect deals 180 points of damage over ten seconds.

The second seasonal skill that can be acquired is Camor’s Arrow. When this skill is used the player conjures a massive arrow that flies in the direction they have chosen and deals 3000 damage to every enemy it hits. These opponents bleed for a total of 600 damage over ten seconds and are rendered helpless for two seconds.


Action roguelike Soulstone Survivors receives the Omen of Spring improvement. Seasonal talents are unlocked in the update through the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love challenge which is accessible through February 26. When a heart is broken in Whispering Grove’s lower left corner Cupid appears to assist players in eliminating eight Camor’s Pylons in a single game. Heartbreak Orbs, Camor’s Arrow and Heartrending Strike are new seasonal abilities. Players can complete all three achievements in the Ritual of Love challenge if they choose Curse Intensity 34. While Whispering Grove faces fresh challenges the Purple Portal unlocks the Shadow Realm which has its own challenges and rewards.

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