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Removal Process of Virus


A key component in the management and distribution of VenomSoftX malware is the C&C server This extremely risky malware is a JavaScript-based remote access trojan that is primarily made to steal and hijack cryptocurrencies. In addition to these malicious actions the malware also fingerprints the infected computer copies content from the clipboard and runs additional payloads or commands.

How Counter.wmail Works?

The encryption used by Counter.wmail operates automatically and transparently with no need for technical expertise. You will feel at ease using CounterMail’s secure email if you are accustomed to using services like Hotmail or Gmail.

To protect your data we use OpenPGP which is a robust encryption protocol with 4096-bit encryption keys. The encryption of OpenPGP cannot be broken by a person or group using cryptographic or computational methods to the best of public knowledge.

How to Deal with Virus?

Let’s get to know our digital foe before we get into the details. The virus is a cunning piece of malware that sneakily travels from one device to another by way of spam emails, downloads or even just by visiting dubious websites.

Once it’s established, it causes havoc in your online life by rerouting your browser displaying unwanted advertisements and generally being a pain.

Step-by-Step Removal Process of

For a clean and secure device take these steps:

Turn On Safe Mode

Make sure you are in Safe Mode before you start. This functions as a virtual fortress to prevent intrusive viruses from obstructing your cleanup efforts.

Windows: Windows users should restart their computers before holding down the “F8” key. From the menu click “Safe Mode with Networking.”

Mac users: After restarting your Mac press and hold the “Shift” key until the Apple logo appears.

Install and keep your antivirus software up to date

It’s time to start using the anti-virus program of your choice. Install it after downloading it and make sure you have the most recent updates. Malware moves quickly so staying current is crucial.

Scan the entire system

Let your antivirus program do its thing now that it’s installed and updated! Run a complete system scan and observe as it searches for the virus and any other malware that may be hiding in the shadows.

Delete the service

Your anti-virus program should show you a list of all the malicious digital creatures it discovered after the scan is finished.

Remove and quarantine the virus as well as any other nefarious programs or files.

Clean Up Your Browser

Don’t forget to take care of your browser as well! Remove any suspicious add-ons, plugins or extensions that might still contain virus remnants. Here’s how:

Google Chrome: Remove any suspicious extensions by going to “Settings” > “Extensions.”

Firefox: Remove any unwanted add-ons by going to “Add-ons” > “Extensions.”

Safari: Select “Preferences” > “Extensions” and remove any unnecessary ones.

Edge: Select “Settings” > “Extensions” and delete any dubious extensions.


Now that the virus has been successfully eliminated you can learn how to safeguard your computer going forward. We sincerely hope that this guide was useful and instructive; if so then continue on with your malware-free online explorations.

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How Counter.wmail Works? H2
How to Deal with Virus? H2
Step-by-Step Removal Process of H2
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Install and keep your antivirus software up to date H3
Scan the entire system H3
Delete the service H3
Clean Up Your Browser H3
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