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Psiphon – An Overview of the Popular Internet Circumvention Tool

If you are the one who wanted to know about the psiphon, then stick with us till the end to consume all the details. Did you know there are many countries in which the internet is not available, or I can say censored by the main authorities? And that’s why most people in the world still lack freedom of expression or they cannot have access to all the latest information which you and we both have. So, in those countries, people use tools like Psiphon. We will share all the characteristics and limitations of this software.

What is Psiphon?

Psiphon is a free and open-source tool that offers internet access to users who do not access the internet due to restrictions. It was started by a Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto, in 2006. Psiphon is a popular and most used software in some countries. You can use it in a combination of VPN, SSH, and HTTP and you can also use some proxy tools that are easily available online.

How does Psiphon work?

When you connect to Psiphon, it will create an encrypted tunnel between your device and a Psiphon server. Through this platform, a user’s internet traffic is routed through a different server. Psiphon also uses obfuscation techniques to make the traffic look like normal browser traffic so that you will not be Censored or blocked by any authority.

Benefits of using Psiphon:

Psiphon offers many benefits to their users who do not have internet access or may be facing any sort of internet restrictions. Below we have shared some content with you:

  1. Access to restricted content: Psiphon permits you to access any content which is blocked in your country or region, such as social media platforms, and news websites.
  2. Protection of online privacy: Psiphon encrypts the user’s internet traffic so that it can protect your online activities from monitoring.
  3. Security of online transactions: Psiphon is also used to access online banking and shopping, so you can use it for any online transaction without any worries.

Overall, Psiphon is a useful tool for getting access to restricted content and the internet. It does have drawbacks which we have listed below:

  1. Slower internet speeds: Psiphon diverts internet traffic via a server, which results in slowing down your internet speeds.
  2. Limited server locations: Psiphon has a limited number of server locations, so users may face some issues and not access all the content.
  3. Dependence on Psiphon: Do not only rely on this tool only, but users should also take measures about their privacy.

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Psiphon is a valuable software for users who do not have internet access due to restrictions. It allows them to access all the internet content and protects online privacy. Thus, it also has some negative impacts, such as it can slow down your internet speeds and it does not provide you with internet access at all locations. But a user should take care of his or her privacy. Have you used this software? What was your experience, let us know.



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