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Blu-ray Contest Game: Win or Die

On the occasion of the video release of Victory or Die, the event film Puy du Fou, currently available on Blu-ray and DVD, and Puy du Fou Films invite you to participate in a great contest which will allow you to win Blu-rays and DVDs of the film!

1793. It has been three years since Charette, a former officer in the Royal Navy, retired to his home in Vendée. In the country, the promises of the French Revolution give way to disillusion. The anger of the peasants growls: they call on the young retiree to take command of the rebellion. In a few months, the idle sailor becomes a charismatic leader and a shrewd strategist, bringing in his wake peasants, women, old people and children, who need a formidable and elusive army. The fight for freedom has only just begun…

A great historical fresco

The first film produced by Le Puy du Fou, Victory or Death depicts an unknown page in our history: the Vendée Wars. If everyone knows the French Revolution, the troubled period that followed remains more obscure. Thus, from 1793 to 1796, a civil war opposed the royalists of the West to the republican troops sent by Paris to put a definitive end to this popular insurrection. Result: more than 200,000 dead. In this context, a heroic figure stands: that of General Charette, whom the insurgents come to place at their head.

A superb historical fresco, Vaincre ou Die is nevertheless intended above all to be an exhilarating fiction: a spectacular adventure film, rich in action scenes and epic fights! Audacity, courage, panache, sense of honor and duty: the film shows the tragic destiny of the hero of the Vendée resistance, and the emotion is striking.

Adapted from The Last Panache, one of Puy du Fou’s flagship shows, Vaincre ou Die benefits from all the know-how of the famous park, voted France’s favorite brand in 2019. The sets and costumes are sublime, the photography magnificent, the splendid music, gripping story. This fabulous saga is carried by Hugo Becker (In the Service of France), masterful in the role of Charette. At his side, Gilles Cohen (Le Bureau des Légendes), Grégory Fitoussi (Engrenages), Francis Renaud (36 quai des Orfèvres), Rod Paradot (La Tête haute), Anne Serra (Lost ball) or even Jean-Hugues Anglade (La Reine Margot) turn out to be very convincing.



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